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JustBijou Danglers

handsculpted by Carol Wolfram

Designed to hang from the rear view mirrors of cars
Can be hung from Christmas trees, mirrors, fans, windows etc.

The danglers are hand sculpted and can be made in any breed and any color.

I have pictures of many dog breeds and will be posting more as time goes on. Click on your breed link (more coming soon!) to see samples of the danglers.

All dogs can be made in any style or doing most activities such as Agility, obedience (Open or Utility,) Trotting, Christmas, Herding with Eye , Running/Leaping, Hanging by the front paws, Tracking, Best in Show, Lure Coursing, Water Sports.


Cost: Hand Sculpted Danglers in a trotting or running/leaping style are $25.00 each. All other danglers are $30.00 each.

Shipping:1 or 2 danglers can ship for $4.00 inside the U.S. via First Class USPS. Up to 10 danglers can ship for $6.50 in the U.S. via Priority USPS. Please contact me for shipping quotes on more than 10 danglers.
International Shipping: 1 or 2 danglers can be shipped anywhere in the world for $6.00. If you would like more please email JustBijou for a shipping quote.

Payment Options: I accept payment in US funds via check or money order. I also accept credit card payments through Other than that, I am unable to accept credit cards.

Since these are all hand sculpted and painted it may take two weeks or longer to fill your order. While I do have many danglers already sculpted and ready to go, specialty danglers will take some time. When I receive your order I will let you know the estimated time of completion.

For more information email JustBijou

or for telephone information (U.S.) please click here.