norman coasts

Ch Bijou Endless Journey BN,CD,NAP,NJP (from the first Tessa to Bono breeding) Norman lives in SC with Karen Cobb and her family. OK, I hesitated which photo of Norman to use for this. I chose this photo because this is how people identify Norman. Yep, Norman the super scooter dog, Norman the dog who was on Letterman, Norman the Briard who was in the TV reality show, Norman who actually rides a bicycle and Norman the TV show host. Sigh, he is so much more than all of that. He is a fabulous family member, a breed Champion finishing easily from the puppy classes with a group placement plus he is OFA Excellent. Clearly he has an affinity for learning and his owner Karen has done a great job bringing that to the front.  Not all Briards are so willing and so versatile but it is a trait I admire and encourage in my breeding program. Put in the right hands with plenty of training a Briard can be a most amazing pet.