Briard Family Shots

These are just some wonderful pictures of my Briards with their friends and relatives.

My Nieces and my girls on June 15th 2002. l-r Kelly-Dog (9.5 years,) Kelly-Kid (9.5years,) Lark (14 mos,) Emily (6.5 years,) Java (6 next month) and Stephanie (11 this month.)

May 2002 -Java and Lark in Utah. That is the city of Ogden behind them.

July 1993 - Jazz and Kelly up on Mt Hood. Kelly is about 7 months old in this picture.

Java's father - Ch. Deja Vu Aigner For Pete's Sake.

Java's mother - Ch. Deja Vu Four Leaf Clover

Clover with her son Flynn (Ch. Deja Vu In Like Flynn - Java's half brother)

Jan 2001 - Kelly, Java (on the couch) and Mel (Ch. Deja Vu Lethal Weapon) Mel is the father of Java's first litter.

July 2002 - Lucy, Java and Lark. Lucy (Deja Vu Reach for the Sky) is Lark's best friend.

May 2002 - This is Java and Lark (mother and daughter) lying in a bed of flowers.

This is what eventually happens to all balls in this house. Lark and Java playing tug with a deadball.

l-r, Emily, Kelly-Dog, Java, Stephanie, Lark and Kelly-Kid.

l-r, July of 2002 - Lucy, Ellie, Bout d'Chou, Lark, Kelly and Java.