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Lark 3 years old (April 2004.)

Born - March 24th 2001

OFA Excellent!


Check out Lark's most excellent swimming adventure.

New Champion!! September 2004

Trotting along on the graze....4.5 years old

This is Lark diving for the ball....split seconds before the ball hits the ground!

Happily working the graze at 4.5 years of age.

This is Lark doing the weaves at the 2003 National Specialty.

Lark and I after going High in Trial in agility at the 2003 National Specialty.

Lark's first shows up in Canada at 7 months of age.

Lark at a fun match at 3 months of age.

The lighter side of Lark.

Moving along at the same fun match.

Lark takes after Java with her thoughts on herding.

But then she has her good moments also.

This is Lark at 6 months of age.

Lark Loves Agility! This is Lark at about 13 months.

Lark turns 15 months old!

This is Lark at about 20 months working the boundary while herding.

Lark trying to decide if she can get away with jumping in and stirring things up a bit!

Winning the first of her three majors.

Flying at an agility trial.

Speeding up the dogwalk at another trial.

This is Lark at about 2.5 years of age. Lark is a wonderful girl. Full of enthusiasm and life, she brings a lot of laughter to everyone around her.

Always smiling!

January of 2004. Unexpected snow and ice in the Pacific Northwest.

Another Trial!

Composite from an agility trial in the summer of 2006.