Jul.31,1996 to Dec.27,2007


DC Deja Vu MmMm Good Bijou HXCs,CD,RA,OAP,OJP. What a fabulous girl!  Java was an incredibly fun dog to train. I wish we could have competed more at trials but it wasn't to be. When Java was barely two years old we were on a walk in the chilly early morning. Java was clearly excited to be out and about. As we started down an outdoor stairwell at a schoolyard Java bounded a few steps ahead to the landing. Without any warning she leapt over the concrete sides of the stairwell and plummeted two stories down onto asphalt. My sweet dog who was so enthusiastic about agility and jumps in obedience clearly thought there was solid ground on the other side of the high jump. Shock, internal bleeding, a dislocated hip and over extended carpals but she was still alive. After two days in emergency care and a year of surgeries and rehab to repair all the damage, Java came out the other end slightly subdued but sound without a limp. One of the surgeries fused her front leg and it would never bend again so she couldn't jump 24" for obedience but that didn't stop her from enjoying the lower jump heights of preferred agility.  It also did not stop her from excelling at herding. It was there that we found our niche and Java became my first Herding Champion. That title combined with her conformation championship gave me my first Dual Championship. 

Java was OFA Excellent and produced 4 OFA Excellent puppies. I think Java's excellent hips were one of the things that allowed her to come back so well from the accident. With Java in shock and internally bleeding the vets were unable to put her hip back into place with in the prescribed first 24 hours. It was a full 60 hours later before they were able to relocate her hip. I was cautioned that her hip would probably disclocate again but it never did. Java was a blast to train and a beautiful, wonderful dog. I chose this photo to commemorate her because it shows me the drive and dedication of the breed. This photo was taken 3 years after Java's accident.

Java was bred twice and had two litters of 3 puppies each. Knowing my desire to keep girls, she gave me 2 girls and 1 boy in her litter to Mel (Ch Deja Vu Leathal Weapon PT) and 3 girls when bred to Ketchum (Ch Deja Vu BlueStone Under the Radar). I kept Lark from the first litter and Tessa from the second.