Mar.24,2001 to Mar.25,2009

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Ch Bijou Spur of the Moment MX,MXB,MXJ,MJB,CDX,RAE,XF   What a fun dog and a great worker! Lark loved life to the fullest. She was non confrontational and totally confident in who she was. Lark was also a bit of a clown acting totally innocent when doing something goofy.  Wow, how I miss her. Taken way to early, she was 8 when she torsioned. She was my first dog to ever torsion and she exhibited none of the classic symptons of bloat or torsion. She ate breakfast normally and came into my office five minutes later. Lark laid down under the window, something she never did. I kept an eye on her but thinking it was odd so I took her outside. We took a normal walk around the yard and came back inside. She came into the office and again laid down under the window. I called the closest vet and took her over for Xrays. The vet didn't think she was bloating but humored me and took the Xray.  When the vet came out a few minutes later he had me rush over to the emergency clinic. Lark was fully torsioned.  From the time she ate breakfast to dying on the surgery table took less than 4 hours. Lark had a bad reaction to a vaccination at 16 weeks of age and was never really healthy after that. I wasn't suprised to lose her so early but I never thought she would go so quickly. Lark lived her life as my happy go lucky girl and it was quite a blow to lose her.  A wonderful working dog she was entered to compete in her first Utility obedience trial the week of her death. Lark was the first Briard to hold the AKC RAE Title and she was a fun agility dog well on her way to her MACH. RIP Lark.