2 girls and 1 boy

Ch. Deja Vu Lethal Weapon (OFA Exc) X Ch. Deja Vu Mm Mm Good Bijou, CD, HI, NAP, NJP, Can CD (OFA Exc)

The puppies at 4 days

Java and her 24 day old puppies.

Pups at the drive through.

The puppies playing in their agility tunnel
The last day the pups are together. Lark (middle) will stay with me, Bout d'Chou (right) will go to her new familiy in Kirkland Washington and Moke (left) will go to his new family in Walnut Creek California.

Now Lark only has Java to play with.

Well, Lark has Java and a tennis ball.

Bijou Stargazer (Moke) at his new California home

Bijou Stargazer (Moke) at 9 months.

Bijou Sherpa My Shandy Cherie (Bout d'Chou) at 9 months.

Bijou Spur of the Moment (Lark) visits Utah at 8 months.

Moke and Lark meet again at 12 months of age.

Bout d'Chou and Lark meet again at 14 months of age.

Lark and Bout d'Chou are together again at 28 months of age. BOTH sisters are OFA Excellent!

Two sisters one toy. Bout d'Chou and Lark again during the fun visit.

The girls again at 28 months of age.