Ch. Bijou All Flash No Cash CDX,HSCs,HSAs,RA,OA,NAJ,NAP,NF

Ch.Deja Vu Bluestone Under the Radar (OFA Good) x DC Deja Vu Mm Mm Good Bijou,CD,HX,OAP,OJP,CKC CD (OFA Exc)

Tessa at 4 years of age (May 2009.)

Born - January 12th 2005



Check out Tessa's picture pedigree.

Tessa earns her CD title by going High in Trial at an all breed obedience trial.

Working the border

Working the flock with new lambs. Tessa is almost 3 years old now.

Tessa at six months of age (June 2005.)

A great sequence by Creative Indulgence. Tessa doing agility at 2.5 years of age

High in Trial in obedience. First time in the ring! 2 1/2 yrs of age.

Weaving at her first agility trials

Tessa at about 18 months old in front of the Brigand's flock

18 months old

Leaping along at 6 months of age

Still leaping at 18 months of age

New Champion! 12 months old

8 Months old

Fast as fast can be! 6 months old.

4 Months old. The day she snatched a Killdeer out of the air!

Here she is at 12 weeks anticipating dinner....

20 days old. What a cutie!

Tessa almost 7 weeks old.

Tess with her newly cropped ears. 7 weeks old in this picture.

Tessa (7 weeks old) with Lark and Java.